Challenge accepted.

Dark clouds fill the sky. Rain pelts on the windshield. While you are happy to be nice and dry, the waves of the Hustadvika strike relentlessly with a rising spray against the rocks right next to the Atlantic Road. Both this section of the sea and the road are among the most famous places in Norway.

The Hustadvika, the route between Molde and Kristiansund, is one of the most dangerous waterways in the country due to the shallow waters and numerous reefs and islands, and has led to several wrecks in the past. The Atlantic Road with its eight bridges, which also runs from Molde to Kristiansund, has some of the most beautiful and exciting kilometres in the world. The perfect place to try the dynamics and sportiness of the Audi TTS. The 8,274 metres, which is the length of the Atlantic Road, with its curves, turns and bridges, and the barren west Norwegian landscape make it the ideal playground for the 228 kW (310 hp) of the Audi TTS.
The Audi TTS can show off its strengths on this spectacular track. One of these strengths is definitely the dynamic curve behaviour which chases the Audi TTS through the apexes of the narrow curves like a real sports car. Through the consistent implementation of the Audi lightweight construction competence, a weight saving of 50 kilogrammes was achieved compared to the predecessor. In addition, the new Audi TTS has a lower centre of gravity. The result: You can feel every curve and swing the Audi TTS makes on the Atlantic Road. The improved handling is also beneficial for the difficult conditions that prevail today. But despite the stormy weather and being stretched to its limits here in Norway, the new Audi TTS is still under control at all times thanks to its quattro drive with a sporty rear suspension design.

The standard system Audi Drive Select ensures that comfort is not neglected. It makes it possible to adapt driving behaviour individually to the road conditions and personal needs. Four pre-programmed modes and a freely configurable variant are available. Thus the trip along Atlantic Road is both sporty and comfortable - if, for example, the maximum torque of 380 Newton metres is unleashed during the journey across the Storseisund bridge. Due to its spectacular high arch, the construction allows the passage of ships up to a height of 23 metres at any water level. Visually and technically an absolute highlight of the route.
A drive with the new Audi TTS is a pleasure for the senses. It's a feast for the eyes even before the trip begins. The Audi TTS will impress you immediately after short walk around the flat, wide and stretched body. The surfaces ripple like skin smoothed over taut muscles. This effect was achieved by considerably reducing and streamlining the design, which revives the shape of the first Audi TT and reinterprets it. From the front, the sporty-leanings of the Audi R family are immediately visible. The Audi Single Frame is horizontally aligned and the Audi rings are located on the bonnet. Further visual highlights are the front and rear lights in 3D design with their horizontal and vertical elements.

The optional Audi Matrix LED headlights not only look futuristic, but are also a great plus in terms of safety when driving through rain and storms. As soon as an oncoming vehicle appears on the horizon, it is immediately detected by the fully automatic light system. The same applies to the lanes and visual conditions which the Audi Matrix LED spotlights directly react to. The Audi lighting designers also set new standards with the third brake light, which is designed as a continuous brake light in LED technology. This also applies to the exterior paintwork. Ten colours are available to choose from. Five of them are celebrating their debut in the Audi TT family. Two even at AUDI AG. One of them is Tango Red, which makes the Audi TTS shoot like a red arrow along the Norwegian Atlantic Road. But the paint is not the only visual highlight of the exterior design. The Audi TTS exclusive Audi Single Frame in plating gray with horizontal double struts in aluminium optics and TTS emblem underlines the dynamic appearance of the vehicle.
In the interior of the Audi TTS, the sport contour leather steering wheel with multifunction plus is also embellished with the TTS emblem. Thanks to an innovative operating concept, the new Audi virtual cockpit with its high-resolution 12.3-inch LCD screen can be excellently controlled on the challenging Atlantic Road. The Audi virtual cockpit was used for the first time in the new generation of the Audi TT family. An exclusive design with a centrally placed speedometer ensures that the new Audi instrument panel in the Audi TTS has a sporty appearance. Arriving at the end of the Atlantic Road, you are immediately hit with a slight air of wistfulness. The driving experience was too intense, the route too spectacular, and the sea and the wind too impressive. A look at the clock reveals: There is still time until the agreed return time. The Audi TTS is turned around there and then. Just once more to Molde and back. Through the storm.