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Audi Innovation

Audi Sport.
Born on the Track, built for the road.

Inspiring performance. Whether factory racing, customer racing, or our high-performance models, there's no better way to release some adrenaline. Audi Sport uses the expertise acquired from the company's participation in motorsport to create innovative technologies for use in standard production. With a unique passion for outstanding dynamics. The Audi Sport brand brings together the most emotional racing disciplines, starting with the models in the R- and RS-series and moving on to customer and factory racing vehicles.

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    Audi Sports Cars

    Born in motorsport. Tried and tested under extreme conditions. And now coming to a dealer near you: the Audi R8 and all Audi RS vehicles at a glance.

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    Customer Racing & One-Make Racing

    The Audi R8 LMS is the first race car to have been specifically developed by Audi for customer teams. The Audi Sport TT Cup gives junior racers their first go at professional racing.

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    Factory Racing

    To date, Audi has a total of 13 victories in 15 races to its name in the Le Mans endurance series alone. And Audi always presents itself in top form at the DTM.

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Audi Sport Multimedia-Gallery

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    Since 2012, there has been a world championship for fascinating Le Mans prototypes like the Audi R18 e-tron quattro.

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    Audi Sport Collection

    The Audi Sport Collection presents an exclusive selection of lifestyle products for every occasion.

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    TT Cup

    With its own racing series, Audi Sport offers a new entry point into the company's successful motorsport world.

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