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Audi Genuine Accessories

Audi Genuine Accessories.

Your Audi takes you reliably to all your destinations: to your next business meeting, to your family at home, or to a new holiday location. Make it a real all-rounder with Audi Genuine Accessories. Discover carefully considered, tailor-made solutions that will add enjoyment to your everyday life and inspire new plans.


The most beautiful places don’t have hotels.

No reservation necessary: Experience untouched landscapes far from the stresses of everyday life. Pitch your tent in a spot where you’ll get more than five stars. Comfort in the open air combined with innovative functions and progressive design.

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Sport and design

A splash of extra dynamism.

Want to make more of an impression per second? Experience aerodynamic design with all its details, captured in unique and colourful high-speed images.

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For growing challenges.

Stay on the safe side when you’re on the move with i-Size child seats. Developed according to the latest EU safety regulation ECE-R129.

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Once around the blog.

How does a fashion blogger keep up with her busy lifestyle when she's on the road? Is there an easy way to check your emails on your way to a meeting? Seize the day with Audi connect.

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Comfort and protection

190 horses and one dog.

Man’s best friend doesn’t have four wheels, but four paws. Dog trainer Carola Baum explains how car journeys can be relaxed and enjoyable for our four-legged friends.

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