Remote climitization

Thanks to the controllable air-conditioning with Audi connect, the electrical cruising range is optimised. Because energy for pre-heating or cooling comes from the socket and not from the battery, both driver and battery start the trip at the optimum operating temperature.



  • remote controlled air conditioning via smartphone
  • ideal temperature for comfortable and safe travel
  • Pre-heating /cooling optimises the electrical cruising range


What you need to use Audi connect

  • With A3 e-tron: Audi connect e-tron services
  • For Q7 e-tron: Audi connect emergency call & service including vehicle control
  • Audi MMI connect app
  • Account with myAudi with registration and verification (for Q7 e-tron)
  • Account at myAudi and authorisation (for A3 e-tron)