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Key accounts

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Audi key accounts

As an Audi key account, you can enjoy the flexibility of excellent full-service leasing arrangements for your vehicle fleet. Head for success by choosing intelligent solutions that guarantee the efficiency of your fleet. Find out now about services and mobility options.

As a key account and company car user, you have special expectations of your vehicles. We offer you special arrangements, individual support and quick access to your designated contact person. You reap the benefits of the attractive Audi product range – and also have the option of choosing vehicles from the entire Volkswagen Group range.

Are you a vehicle fleet operator and thinking about turning key account status to your advantage? Do you need information about prices and terms, the Group brands that come under the umbrella of Volkswagen AG or what is needed to qualify as a key account and how it could benefit you? Then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find everything you need to know on these pages.

Requirements and conditions

Benefit from attractive leasing arrangements and fleet solutions from Audi Leasing: get full information on the advantages and requirements here, and find out which car brands are part of the VW Group – and therefore which vehicles you can choose for your fleet.