Smartphone? Smart charging.

It is hardly possible to imagine everyday life without a smartphone anymore – it has become our constant companion. Often we need to charge them while we’re out, and the right charging cable is not always to hand. Whether you're on the road or at home, thanks to wireless charging products from Audi Genuine Accessories, the wireless charging cover and the wireless charging pad, you can charge your smartphone cable-free.

All products use wireless charging technology based on the Qi standard and function by means of inductive energy transfer.

The greatest advantage of the international standard is that all smartphones with the Qi specification are compatible with any Qi charging source. This means that you may only need one charging station per household.

Wireless charging cover for iPhone 6/6s

Charge your iPhone 6 or 6s cable-free based on the Qi standard while you’re on the road using the wireless charging cover. Simply place your iPhone in the Audi phone box while you’re driving or on the wireless charging pad at home. The high-quality cover protects the smartphone from scratches, shocks and dirt. The easily removable charging clip also allows an alternative means of charging as well as synchronisation via a Lightning cable. Speaker, sensors, buttons, the headphone connection and the camera are all freely accessible. The charging cover is certified according to Apple's iPhone guidelines (MFi).
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Wireless charging pad

Wireless charging is now also possible at home, thanks to the wireless charging pad from Audi Genuine Accessories. The product impresses with a slim, attractive design while also offering simple operation. Simply connect the pad to the USB cable included and it's ready to use. The smartphone will start charging automatically as soon as it is placed on the wireless charging pad. A practical feature: A small blue LED light provides information about the current charging procedure.
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