The most beautiful
places don’t have hotels.

Get as close to nature as you can, leave civilisation behind and escape the everyday grind. Rediscover freedom with wild camping.


Croatia's rocky landscapes are full of sublime views. This makes them a favourite choice among film-makers looking for an impressive backdrop, from Winnetou to Game Of Thrones. The long, picturesque coastlines of this country, with their crystal clear, turquoise waters, form a fascinating contrast to the raw, sheer cliff edges. This is not an environment where you necessarily seek comfort and relaxation. And yet there are people who choose exactly here to pitch their tents. People who need this remoteness to really feel at home and for whom travelling is still an adventure: Wild campers. They are always on the hunt for spaces where the countryside remains unspoiled and the stresses of everyday life are as remote as the nearest 5-star hotel. They do not need much, just a strong desire for freedom and the right equipment.

The Balkans region is still ideal for wild camping without a great deal of effort. The countryside is sparsely populated, which offers plenty of opportunities to find the ideal location. Of course, it is always important to treat the environment and its people with respect, even if (or more so, because) there is a high level of acceptance for wild campers in the Balkans. When you arrive in the area, it is always best to find out what you need to know when camping in the open air, such as whether you need a permit. Camping is of course prohibited in protected nature reserves or on farmland. If you are on private land, it is important to speak to the landowner beforehand. And there are certain other rules that also need to be followed in nature, such as not dropping litter, disturbing animals or making a fire without permission. It is always best to follow your own common sense as well as your sense of adventure.


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And the best thing at the end of a day full of adventure: a place of comfort and security. Take a look at the tutorial to see how to set up the camping tent from Audi Genuine Accessories in next to no time:
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