Staying true to the line.

The custom-developed roof box has been available from Audi Genuine Accessories since 2013. Audi was the first German car company to pursue this route, and designer Peter Lemke was involved in the development process from the outset.


Mr Lemke, what is your approach when you first sit in front of a blank piece of paper to tackle a project such as the roof box?

We wanted to develop an exclusive roof box that reflects both the technology and the exclusivity of Audi, and therefore stands out from the market with its own identity. As designers, we first look at the design vocabulary of our vehicles, because the roof box has to speak the same language. The design must have a certain timeless appeal, and be harmonised with all Audi models, from the A1 to the A8 and Q7. The roof box and its design also have to fit on a sports car such as the TT. In the initial sketches, we then develop a distinctive character and a design that connects with the car.

What are the most distinctive features of the roof box?

The black details and physical Audi rings make this box stand out from other manufacturers and visibly enhance the perception of value. The colour contrast between the blade features and the silver grey of the box creates clear edges. This enables us to successfully integrate the sharpness of Audi design that is familiar from the body contours and lights of an Audi into the roof box design. A further important feature is the continuous strap, which is riveted to the shell in other manufacturers' roof boxes. These rivets, which are normally visible from outside, remain invisible in our roof box.

What does the roof box body shape say to you when you see the finished product today?

The shape is obvious: Streamlined. It reminds me of an orca. When drawing the box on paper, this similarity kept coming back to me due to the shape and the distinctive black and white contrast. The streamlined shape not only represents speed, but also a sense of the timeless style that has inspired several generations of Audi models. I think the roof box looks best on an Avant. The shape flows with the line of the vehicle and the black side panel mirrors the cut-outs of the side windows. When viewed from above, the design is also consistent with the shape of the bonnet and the flowing rear shoulders of the vehicle. The roof box has the same design vocabulary as our vehicles.

Why should an Audi owner choose this roof box and not one from a third-party provider?

I believe that our roof box is unique on the market, as it originated from the Audi design philosophy. Mounted on your Audi, the roof box and the vehicle become a single unit.

Form and function united – find out what makes the roof box from Audi Genuine Accessories so special in the following tutorial:

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