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Smartphones are our constant companions. Thanks to Audi Genuine Accessories, not only do you remain connected to the Internet, but also to your Audi.


Whether a newsfeed, social media or small digital lifestyle aids: We want to remain on the pulse at all times and ensure that we do not miss anything. This applies in particular for fashion bloggers – as Julia Haghjoo from Hamburg knows all too well. Around 90,000 subscribers follow her daily adventures on Instagram or Snapchat. It is her job to be continually present in the web, upload content and never lose the connection to her followers. Thanks to the optional Audi connect features, this is now easier than ever while on the move. Your smartphone can easily be connected and synchronised to your vehicle – for appointments, navigation, and even SMS and Twitter functions. These features are not just an advantage for bloggers.


People who are constantly online like Julia also benefit: Over her morning coffee in a café, she enters all her destinations for the day on her smartphone or laptop via Google Maps, myAudi or the Audi MMI connect app, so they are on hand when she needs them in her vehicle later. The parking information function makes sure everything runs smoothly, as it shows free spaces in the nearest car park. And what if, somewhere between the fashion boutique and her next meeting, she forgets where she actually parked her Audi? Then the parking position function provides the exact location of the vehicle so she doesn’t have to keep her next appointment waiting.
If, in the middle of her extensive to-do list, Julia suddenly begins to doubt whether the car doors are locked, she can check using the Audi MMI connect app on her smartphone, and if need be lock all the doors remotely. Similar to a remote control and especially practical when her hands are on the steering wheel rather than her smartphone, the dictation function via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto lets her write text or emails and reads them out to her.

One thing is especially important when it comes to making sure that the busy professional blogger is still able to actually use all these services until the end of her day and make that one last phone call: power. The wireless charging cover simply charges the smartphone cable-free on the way to her last appointment of the evening.

A day with Audi connect in pictures.

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